Self-Care is not a luxury.

Make yoga a part of your daily life style by investing in private yoga sessions that are personalized, convenient and flexible to your demanding schedule. As a busy professional, it’s not always easy to find time for self-care.
We provide in-home Private Yoga and Wellness Sessions in Westchester, Connecticut and NYC. Private yoga lessons are designed around your fitness level, your long-term goals and your personal needs. Allow us to bring the self-care to you.
Weekly appointments take place in your home, office, or a private studio. This is a perfect opportunity for you to take charge of your health, find balance and be present in your every life.

Personal Yoga Sessions

Wellness Offerings

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  • Start:

    your day with mental focus to feel more productive & organized

  • Create:

    a consistent at home yoga practice

  • Deepen:

    your emotional state & feel at ease in every pose

  • Feel:

    relaxed, confident and patience with yourself & others

  • Gain:

    mobility, flexibility, stability & health in your body

  • Lose:

    weight & integrate better self care into your daily routine

  • Commit:

    to feeling stronger mentally & physically

What’s Next

Once you have scheduled your free consultation
with Sheryl, she will assess your personal needs
and discuss a plan of action to begin journey.

Following your introductory sessions,
each time We meet, you will experience
a different transformational session leaving
you ready to begin another successful day.

Sheryl will recommend the ideal plan
to assist you to attain your unique goals

For more information or to schedule your
free consultation today:
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