Meet Sheryl

Hi! I’m Sheryl Jackson, a Certified Master Health Coach and Certified Yoga Instructor who is passionate about helping women reclaim their health and vitality from the struggle of hormone imbalance!

Does this sound familiar:

  • You’re always dieting and counting calories, but the scale is only going up!
  • Clothes don’t fit right and you can’t seem to lose the belly fat!
  • You feel beyond tired every day but you struggle to sleep at night!
  • You find yourself feeling anxious, depressed, and flat out irritable most days and you don’t know why!
  • Your skin is dry and breaking out and your hair and nails look dull and brittle.
You may be blaming age, stress, or work, but the real problem is your hormones are out of balance?

How do I know?

I’ve been where you are, trying to fight weight gain with fad diets and fitness programs, blaming fatigue and digestive problems on stress, and going on medications to fight acne, hair loss, and mood swings – all before I was 40 years old!
Doctors couldn’t find anything “wrong” but then why did I feel so bad?
My hormones were completely out of balance due to constant diet plans, stress, and even environmental factors. Once I decided to take charge of my health, restoring my body and my relationship with food, my hormones naturally found balance
I focused on nourishing my body without dieting combined with regular yoga to align my body, mind, and spirit, and I found myself losing weight, losing the belly fat, and looking and feeling YEARS younger!
Now, my purpose is to help women experience the same vibrancy and vitality I’ve discovered, WITHOUT unnatural methods! I would love to speak with you about your hormone health and provide you with personalized support so you experience the health, energy, and joy you deserve!

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