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The 90 Day step by step optimal online private well-being coaching program to transform your life,build sustainable diet and wellness habits

Are you ready to reclaim your health and vitality
from the struggle of hormone imbalance?

Does this sound familiar:

  • You’re always dieting and counting calories, but the scale is only going up!
  • Clothes don’t fit right and you can’t seem to lose the belly fat!
  • You feel beyond tired every day but you struggle to sleep at night!
  • You find yourself feeling anxious, depressed, and flat out irritable most days and you don’t know why!
  • Your skin is dry and breaking out and your hair and nails look dull and brittle.

You may be blaming age, stress, or work, but the real problem is your hormones are out of balance?


  • Feel revitalized and rejuvenated
  • Clothes don’t fit right and you can’t seem to lose the belly fat!
  • Know what foods support your hormones health and wellness
  • Learn what foods and stressors are hormone disruptors.
  • Wake up every day with plenty of energy
  • Know how to reset your hormone without overwhelmed or stressed.

Are You Finally Ready To
Take Your Life Back?

The 12-Week Conscious Woman Midlife Detox group program includes:

  • Weekly modules that come with informative, facebook lives, video training and action plans to help you apply what you learn in your life
  • An initial overall well-being assessment, so you can clearly define your goals
  • Simple recipes for optimal health, include all meals and snack!
  • Guide to understanding the important role blood sugar plays as you heal your body
  • “Real world” tips on eating, how to shop, and other helpful tips!
  • Guides that will help you to understand the vital role that Gut health
  • Weekly accountability, motivation and giveaways
  • Weekly 30 minutes coaching video with a Q&A session to clarify any issues and help you stay on track
  • Three personal 30mins phone or video one-on-one coaching calls

Helping wellness entrepreneurs to get unstuck so that they can build a business that they love living with.

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