How To Stay Positive In The Time Of Coronavirus

How To Stay Positive In The Time Of Coronavirus

How To Stay Positive In The Time Of Coronavirus

It’s no secret that life can be a bit difficult at times, and this is a truth that everyone is familiar with. With the world being topsy-turvy because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s common to feel stressed and anxious. But how are you dealing with it?

Here are a few tips to help you stay positive and motivated during times like these.

Yoga to the rescue

You may be surprised to know how beneficial yoga can be for your health—not just your physical health, but yoga can also work wonders for your mental state of mind, especially during the times when Coronavirus is wreaking havoc on your health. Practicing Yoga can help your body deal with the stress hormone called Cortisol. Enroll yourself for an online Yoga class and keep the stress and anxiety at bay.

Limit your digital intake

The one thing that has increased massively during the pandemic is our digital media consumption which could easily be one of the major causes for all the stress and anxiety we are going through. Hence, it’s extremely essential to limit your daily digital intake, follow a few trustworthy sources for information and rather read a book or do something productive to unplug yourself from the social media. Make sure you are keeping your hands off your gadgets while you are at it.

Embrace a hobby

Now is the time to take up the hobby which you have been wanting to for so long. Make use of the internet to its full and enroll yourself in one of the online tutorials or courses for the help. 

Try Meditation

It can be really challenging to find moments of peace right now but hey, meditation can come to your rescue. It’s absolutely necessary to calm your mind to get clarity on your actions throughout the day. Also, increased stress levels can really affect your productivity and can play around with your immunity. If you are a beginner, start with downloading a few popular meditation applications or look up to various YouTube videos. We recommend starting with box breathing to get your breathing pattern right. This is also the time to look back upon life and introspect what you have been wanting to do in life.

Take care of your immunity

For those working from home, it’s difficult to adapt to the change. But it’s absolutely essential to follow a routine, eat healthy and workout indoors. More than anything else, look for food items and recipes which help in increasing your immunity and incorporate them in your meals. Some of them are turmeric, ginger, berries, citrus fruits(rich in Vitamin C), spinach, etc.

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