6 Positions to Improve Your Mood

6 Positions to Improve Your Mood

6 Positions to Improve Your Mood

Yoga is an activity that is beneficial for any individual as it helps improve both your mental and physical health. If you want to try some poses to improve your mood, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Intense Spread Leg Stretch

This pose is a This wonderful pose helps to strengthen and stretch the spine as well as the back and inner legs. It can also tone the organs in your abdomen and soothe your brain. This leg stretch does wonders to relieve aches in your back and help you relax.

2. Intense Side Stretch

This pose is a personal favorite as it not only calms your brain and improves digestion, but also relieves tension from your spine, hips, and shoulders. It strengthens the legs and tones your abdominal organs. Lastly, it’s tremendously helpful in improving your posture and balance.

3. Headstand

The headstand is one of the most known poses in yoga and for good reason. It is beneficial in many ways. It is a natural remedy for hair loss, it helps calm the brain, and it increases focus. It is a very good aid for treating migraines and diabetes. Headstands also improves digestion and relax your arms and shoulders.

4. Plow with Blanket

This pose is good for calming the brain and stimulating the organs in your abdomen, as well as the thyroid gland. It can be a huge lifesaver in menopause, as it relieves symptoms by reducing stress and fatigue.

5. Support Bridge

Practicing the support bridge pose is beneficial for your body because it promotes relaxation and stretches your hip muscles while expanding the chest. It is great for digestion and eases your nerves. The support bridge is an excellent pose to promote healing.


This pose increases body awareness and promotes relaxation by easing your nerves to release built-up tension. It also helps to streamline various vital body functions such as breathing, the beating of the heart, and the digestive process. If you’re looking for a yoga pose that relaxes both muscular and skeletal tension, this is the perfect choice.

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