5 Benefits of Hiring a Health Coach

5 Benefits of Hiring a Health Coach

5 Benefits of Hiring a Health Coach

Support system!

A support system is essential. As we get older we lose family and friends. People move away and even our Therapist change offices. This can leave us feeling stuck. Like no matter what we do; we won’t succeed. This negative mindset goes right to our sympathetic and parasympathetic systems and creates unnecessary anxiety and and havoc. When we feel supported, especially when we are goal-oriented, we are more positive and our minds and bodies become more accepting of positive change in our behaviors.

Nutrition guidance.

Is your diet perhaps a bit away from ideal? Health Coaches can look at what you are consuming and offer loads of advice, tips and even recipes to curb the cravings and even get you set up so you have a healthy emergency go to. They will also exam how your emotions affect your health (whether that is diet or exercise) and use many different tools and exercises to assist you in understanding what you are doing and why. First there must be an understanding and acceptance of what isn’t working before a plan for success may be established!

Someone to hold you accountable to reach your goals

How easy is it to just sneak that one little late night snack in? Or perhaps stay snuggled under the covers instead of heading to the gym or some other form of physical activity you may enjoy. Your Health Coach can call, text, email and in some circumstances may even workout with you so that you stay on track and celebrate every small success as they come your way!

Develop good lifestyle habits that will last!

Maybe it’s time to start carrying a water bottle? Keeping a spare pair of sneakers in the car. Setting a time you can commit to each week to focus on Self-care. Begin to journal or use apps on your phone which may help you to keep track of what you are doing, how you are feeling or what you are eating so you can see where you and your Health Coach may need to truly focus to help you to live a healthier life!

Learn why you are having struggles with your health from a mindful place.

Health Coaches can also be put into a category somewhere between your therapist and your dietician. They do not hold these titles but a healthy life has never simply been about food and exercise. You may learn there are toxic people in you life. Or that you may be self-sabotaging your own efforts and not even realize it. If the mind is busy or in a constant state of stress or negativity, then it won’t matter how hard you try because you haven’t dealt with your personal issues. Your Health Coach is trained to work with you on all these levels.

The question should no longer be what are the benefits of hiring a Health Coach?

Instead the question should be why haven’t you hired one already. We truly are our own worst enemies. We can talk ourselves into and out of nearly anything. So why keep throwing money away on health shakes and fad diets? Get your mind and body to a Health Coach you can connect with and you will begin to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in no time!

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