I know how you feel.

You’re someone who has discovered the power of wellness and dreams of a future where you can give back in an impactful way. With a successful yoga or wellness business that sees you changing people’s lives and enhancing your own.

But there’s something in the way. You’ve no idea where to start. You’re stuck in the daily grind trading hours for dollars with no idea how to break free. Maybe you’re plagued by inner doubt, afraid that you won’t succeed, terrified of failure. It breaks my heart because I know you have everything it takes to build a business that gives you freedom and brings you fulfilment and I’m here to show you exactly how.

It’s time to put a lid on your inner critic and become the successful entrepreneur you were born to be.

I Believe in You

My name is Sheryl Jackson and I’m a private yoga teacher and business coach. I know what it’s like to feel passionate about the power of good health, positive mindset and healthful nutrition. You’ve spent years becoming an expert in your field and now you want to make a meaningful impact and build a fulfilling career doing what you love.

But where do you start? How do you break through the noise? There’s so much online information, millions of courses and a sea of checklists. You’ve downloaded them all but it’s just left you feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. And then there’s the voice inside your head saying, “you’re too busy, you’re not good enough, you’ll never be able to do it, there’s too many people doing it better than you”.

Here’s the thing

Everything you need is inside you. You’ve already done the teacher training, you’re amazing at what you do and you have the ambition. And most importantly

You’re here

Which tells me that you’re done. You’re done with courses that don’t work, you’re done with coaching that doesn’t deliver results, you’re done with the daily grind, and you’re done with that voice inside your head. You’re ready to create the wellness business that you’ve been dreaming of and I believe in you.

I’m a wellness entrepreneur coach who knows this game from the ground up. I sweated through it, I struggled through it and now I’m here to give you the systems, tools and mindset that I leveraged to become a profitable online entrepreneur. If you’re a nutritional therapist, health coach, personal trainer, yoga teacher, pilates instructor, meditation expert or anyone who has wellbeing at the core of their business, I can help you.

I’ll support you through the unique challenges of kickstarting your dream wellness business so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and instead look forward to an abundant future for yourself. The process is simple: Schedule a Clarity Call, Get your SJW plan and Get Unstuck!

The SJW Essentials for your Success

I help you to identify your special wellness gift and turn it into a business that serves your life. You’ll overcome the doubt that’s been holding you back, get every tool you need to move forward, and get a clear action plan to build your rewarding and profitable online wellness business. And I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

Clarity on who you serve and how

Tools, Resources and a Plan of Action

Meaningful Support and Accountability

Services, Pricing & Money Mindset

Everything you need for visibility and meaningful connection with your audience

Let’s get clear on where you’re stuck

Start a Clarity Call

Helping yoga teachers and wellness entrepreneurs get unstuck so that they can build a business that they love living with.

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